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Dressing sharp pays - in fact studies have shown that good-looking men can make $230,000 more over a career than their less attractive counterparts

My name is John, and I'm an attorney having own practice in San Francisco Bay Area. I never knew much about style and when I went to work for myself I knew it would make a big difference in terms of attracting new clients, new business partners... So I made an effort trying to find resources out there that could help me to improve my style. I searched high and low, and I couldn't really find anything that was useful to me. Then I found Antonio's 'A Man's Guide To Style' and I devoured it. It's really well written, really comprehensive, gives you real practical tips on how you can improve your style without spending a fortune, how you can invest in quality pieces. And it's really made a tremendous difference - I have an easier job now attracting new customers, I'm more likely to seal a deal with potential clients and business partners, peeople take me more seriously, I've got interviews. So it really made quite a big difference for me and I highly recommend it for you!

John Corcoran
John Corcoran

Do These Problems Sound Familiar?

  • You’re a grown man still dressing like a boy in t-shirts and jeans.
  • You want a promotion but look nothing like a man who should be in charge.
  • Women ignore you because you don’t look successful.
  • When shopping for clothing you can’t tell quality from junk.
  • You have no idea what clothing styles or colors best compliment you.
  • Your clothes make you look lanky, short, and fat.
  • You have limited funds with which to build your wardrobe.

You have two choices:

  • Ignore the facts and lose money
  • Learn To Dress Sharp And Attract Success

Not a difficult choice, right?

The problem is that most men are left with option 1 by default.

The top 1% of men take option 2 and invest in themselves.


A Simple Course
Absorbed Quickly
Taught By A Professional
Accessible From Any Device
Makes Style Easy To Understand
A Course That Can Be Taken Anywhere
Complete With Video, Audio & Written Material

Well You Don’t Have To Imagine. I Built It.

This Is A Man’s Guide To Style

Detailed 24-Hour Self-Study Improvement Course

14 Sections, 100+ Lessons, 13 Hours Audio Companion

  • Understand why you need to dress sharp.
  • What steps you need to improve your appearance – today.
  • Build the Foundation – Fit – Fabric – Personal Style.
  • Focus on the importance of body type.
  • How to build your wardrobe.
  • Overview of men’s suits, sport coats, dress slacks, blazers, coats, neckties, shoes, socks, & more!
  • Understand clothing alterations.
  • How to dress for weddings, business meetings, travel, etc.
  • Both hot and cold weather dressing techniques.
  • And hundreds of other menswear topics……….delivered instantly.

As a man in my early 30s, I knew I should be further along with my goals and plans by this point. I knew that I wanted to get more out of life and be taken more seriously, but for some reason I hadn’t tapped my potential. As I began to really apply myself, I realized that part of that was due to the way other people perceived me. My dress had basically not changed since high school. So, people viewed me not much differently than a high school kid. I know that outward appearance doesn’t necessarily mean anything-but I wanted to be the best man I could be, inside AND out. I just didn’t know how until I ran into Antonio’s material online. I went through his ample free material, and learned a TON. Then I purchased his comprehensive eBook and learned a LOT more… I listened through to it 4 or 5 times in a row. I went through his “Style System” course and gleaned all I could. Now my outward appearance truly mirrors my inner man. In the 5 months since I began to make the changes Antonio equipped me to make, I have become a lead consultant to a multimillion dollar Napa winery and I am acting as the COO of a new technology company. Dressing well didn’t teach me these skills, but it gave me the confidence to put myself out there, and the credibility to be given a chance to prove myself. Not to mention… it’s a lot easier to get dates 🙂 I have since looked into other men’s style advisors, and although there are some great ones out there, Antonio is the King in my opinion. This man will help you get where you want to be in your life. He has had a huge impact on mine.

Matt Wolcott
Matt Wolcott
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About Me And Why I Made This Course

Hi, I'm Antonio Centeno.

Father, husband, and former US Marine turned custom clothier living in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, USA (Population 1,113).

I created this 24-hour home-study course by leveraging my experience as a men's clothing designer.

This course is the best of what I've learned working with highly successful men.


In this comprehensive video, audio, and text supported course I reveal the secrets to dressing your best and how that leads to more success in both business and your personal life.

I've spent thousands of hours helping thousands of men improve their appearance.

Men who want to achieve greatness and realize they need a polished appearance which radiates strength and confidence.

Men just like YOU.

I'm proud to say that we've been very successful at helping men around the globe dress sharp.

In fact we've been so successful that we've had our quality content featured in Time, CNN, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Art Of Manliness (where I regularly contribute) and we've had millions of views on YouTube & Facebook.


How about $500+ In Bonuses & Updates

13+ Hour Audio Companion

Too busy to read 800+ pages of content? Then just listen to the eBook version in your car or during your next workout. Download to your device or listen online - long playback or divided by chapters! I personally read everything and go into behind the scene detail summarizing each articles’ main points.

Style 101- One-Hour Emergency Course

This is a condensed summary of my most important lessons. I wrote this for the man who needs to have a basic understanding of style immediately! Flying to wedding and need to know how to wear a tuxedo – you can learn this on the flight!

Guide To Grooming

18 Pages of solid grooming information – from a basic understanding of colognes, shaving tools, hair and nails grooming - to an overview of skin creams.

Guide To Etiquette

A 13 page overview of societal expectations and norms – from basic societal etiquette to understanding business etiquette. This is a must for any man moving up in society or interacting with people of high status.

Guide To Manners

Confused as to what separates manners from etiquette? Then you need this succinct 14 page guide as we break out manners for every day interactions, manners for the office, for a night out, and hosting a party.

How To Buy Guides

Eleven how to buy checklists – all in printable pdf format as well. How to buy a Suit, Sweater, Pair of Shoes, Sport Jacket, Dress Shirt, Pair Of Trousers, Overcoat, Tuxedo, Watch, Leather Jacket, and Luggage.

$97 Discount

On my 5 week Personal Image Blueprint step by step comprehensive course guaranteed to transform your style to a higher level. As a buyer of A Man's Guide To Style you are  given a $97 discount on the program. In a nutshell – if you want to upgrade, you can do so and get this course basically for free!

Life-Time Updates

You never have to worry about missing out on the latest edition. Every few months I update & improve this Course based on feedback provided by the men who bought it – you’ll have access to all updates and bonuses for as long as I’m in business.

In Summary – This $500+ Package Includes:

  • A Man’s Guide To Style Home-Study Course – 100+ illustrated lessons delivered instantly via a private membership website.
  • All of the sections above condensed into a pdf eBook.
  • 50+ Support Videos & 75+ Audio Readings
  • 13+ Hour Audio Companion – Broken-up into 77 sections
  • Style 101 – One Hour Emergency Course
  • A Man’s Guide To Grooming (18 Page Guide)
  • A Man’s Guide To Etiquette (13 Page Guide)
  • A Man’s Guide To Manners (14 Page Guide)
  • 11 How To Buy Guides (pdf checklists)
  • $97 Discount Coupon on my Personal Image Blueprint Course
  • Lifetime Access & Updates

Hi guys. I started looking into dressing sharp for a few reasons. First I’m a father of 4 and didn’t want to dress worse than my eldest son. Second, I started working as a barber and wanted to dress up in the industry. And thirdly I just wanted to look like a man and be treated as such. I grow up without my father around and didn’t have anyone to look up to, so I just copied my friends and dressed like they did. To cut this short, I just wanted to look professional in my line of work and I didn’t want to let my children down anymore. I’m a man, a father and I want to be treated like one. I’m now working in an industry were my looks are what makes me stand out from the rest. My work uniform is white shirt black trousers. Some days ill add a black tie, others a bow tie, some days a waist coat with or without a either tie. I’ve learnt from Antonio, not only does dressing will make me stand out but the little extras go the extra mile.

Harry have faith and envision the respect you will get from dressing sharp the way your family will look at you the example you set for your friends and the standard you hold yourself at. It will open more doors and opportunities for you ...I was insecure I still am but with a mentor like Antonio he gives me the confidence to do better and know that I am important I am worth every penny and I am a great investment I cant thank him enough and I hope that anyone who is interested in what he has to offer please dont wait any longer your life is at the end of the sign up you can do it!


Hi Antonio, ahead of tonight’s final webinar I just wanted to say what an experience it has been, and continues to be. I wish that, now at 51, I had known what you’ve been teaching us thirty years ago. But I look forward to the next thirty years as I’m just getting started!


I am originally from Zimbabwe, on a scholarship from my government studying in South Africa at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I am pursuing a degree in Accounting, the chartered route. Your lessons have made incredible influences on how my lecturers judge, I have played golf and had coffee with many of them! Some have even bought me textbook!..when you dress sharp peoples always assume that they can learn something mysterious about you and trust me that what counts! I come from a very poor background that is why I am not on your style system but I love travelling and I sincerely hope that 1 day I will meet you in person. Your values on family really are humbling! I am young, on 25, got a scholarship to study when I was 24 so I have heard to climb a steep curve in such a short time! i now value quality in many areas, in my eating, dressing, communication, thinking, etiquette and I see you have it all. Antonio do you know that there are classic grocery items everyman should know? That’s right you gave me the appetite to learn all these things!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now you’re probably asking:

"Why is this course worth my hard-earned money?"

"Can’t I piece this together for free across the internet?"

Great questions.

My Answer?

#1 Your Time Is Valuable

How long would it take you to read thousands of fashion magazines, style books, and social psychology texts?

How much would a library of these academic periodicals cost?

The answer is thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

“A Man’s Guide to Style” is a collection of my best style articles written over the last five years – the product of thousands of hours of research and study.

All of these articles are updated, improved, and organized to ensure a pleasurable reading experience.

In addition – I’m one of the few men’s style writers who also works as a custom clothier and image consultant. This has given me a deeper insight into the practical application of the style lessons I teach.

The result is a comprehensive collection of modern style knowledge in an easily searchable and conveniently portable electronic format.

“A Man’s Guide To Style” Brings Timeless Fashion To Your Fingertips

#2 Men Who Invest In Themselves Take Action

You make a psychological commitment when you invest in a course.

No skin in the game?

You will not take action.

This course is ALL about you taking action.

I charge $500 an hour for personal consultations, $5,000 for live appearances, and I sell many other products at a MUCH higher price point.

I made this course affordable so any man committed to change could take it.

And the risk?

There is none.

I offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Go ahead – Google me – read through the 100+ testimonials over at

I’m the real deal.

I sincerely care about helping men master a skill our fathers should have taught us.

Let me help you.

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